How to become a doTERRA independent product consultant?

Anyone embarking on small business opportunities from home cannot go far wrong choosing to become a doTERRA rep

How to become a doTERRA independent product consultant?

Anyone embarking on small business opportunities from home cannot go far wrong choosing to become a doTERRA rep

"You are making a smart decision", was the comment my enroller made to me many years ago. I was slightly skeptical, because I had been with other MLM businesses in the past. I understood I needed to work with a company before I could say one way or another if doTERRA was worth all the hype.

However, I was willing to put my skepticism aside and look at doTERRA with new eyes. Before I had joined I had read the reviews and most seemed to be good, but I was still not completely sold. The investment of only $35 which did make the enrollment far easier and less stressful, but I really wanted to see how the company worked from the inside.

  • Where the essential oil products any good?
  • Was I going to get the training and support I needed?
  • Was it really possible to make money from home with doTERRA?

At the time these were unknowns, but my plan was to give doTERRA a year to prove itself. Twelve months had past and the world looked very different. I was already building a large team in the US, UK and Europe. When I think about it now, doTERRA is one of the easiest businesses I have ever worked with. However, it does make it easier when the products are so sellable and there is a large customer base in the waiting to buy.

doTERRA independent product consultant

Why should someone become a doTERRA rep?

There is not really strict reasons for why anyone should want or need to join doTERRA. It really comes down to your personal situation or need and even the amount of time someone has to spare. Yes, timing is important also. One day we have enough money and time to spend it and the next everything has gone terribly wrong and we are struggling to pay the bills. None of us know the future, but we do know what could be our possible future. The problem is that bad things happen within the most perfect plan, so be prepared for the unexpected.

Having a survival plan is the key

The economic landscape is changing on a daily basis, but most of us are complacent about our financial survival. None of us believe that we will be unemployed, go bankrupt or be homeless, but we only need to look at the figures in the US in 2018 to see the reality. I am guessing these figures are even higher when you are reading this article.

On a single night in January 2018, there were 552,830 people experiencing homelessness in the United States. 65% were sheltered individuals and 35% were unsheltered individuals.

Nobody is suggesting that you should join an MLM business to stop yourself from being homeless, but a plan B should be a priority for everybody. One option could be doTERRA or any other plan that will give you and your family the edge. A few extra dollars may not mean anything now, but in the future it could mean the difference between feeding the kids or destitution.

Why you would want to become a doTERRA rep is going to be a personal journey and you will know when you are ready to start it. The key is not to leave it too late.

Our existential reason for becoming a doTERRA rep

In our minds we have our existential reasoning to why we hate what we hate and love what we love. It could be that we understand how much we hate our job and would love to do something else. For many that join doTERRA it has become an opportunity to change and take control of our own destiny. This has become an alternative to living in the shadow of our boss and struggled to have fulfillment our lives. Finally, we are not living from pay packet to paid packet.

However, having your own business is a bit different, if things go wrong, there is only one person to blame. This may be the new reality check for anyone embarking on a new home business. As the same time, running a business will also give you the sense of achievement and a new air of confidence. Many inform me that their journey with doTERRA was more than just a business opportunity, but also a voyage self discovery and personal development.

The practical reasons why people join doTERRA

During my time with doTERRA I have been surprised at the different reasons why people enroll with doTERRA. I personally believed it was always about the money or the essential oils. I realized quite fast that there was many reasons why people joined doTERRA.

  • Some simply enjoyed the oils and wanted to buy them at the wholesale price
  • Some want to pursue a healthier lifestyle
  • Some join for the social aspect of running classes and doing coffee mornings
  • Some wanted to make money via the classic party plan or classes
  • Some wanted to run their business online via social media platforms or blogging
  • Some join just to make money and have no interest in knowing about the products
  • Some only want to know about the products and just hope they will make some money

This is the great thing about this business, there is something for everyone, so regardless what you are looking for in a business, doTERRA is likely to have something for you.

How did home businesses cope during the lock-down of 2020?

We all thought that our businesses would fall apart, until it didn't. However, many traditional businesses did become bankrupt, leaving individuals with massive debts.

I mainly work online like a internet home business and so I was unsure how the lock-down would effect my business, but I was hoping for something positive. Fortunately, the use of the internet went through the roof and my business thrived. The extra money was very handy and gave me a sense of security. This made my time at home with my wife and family a lot easier and far more relaxed.

Having a alternative plan was more than about the money, it was also about the fact I could positively influence my life. In this case I used doTERRA as a platform for making money, but it could have easily been another online business that I could have done from home.

Small business opportunities from home

Training for small business opportunities from home

Having a business will need training if you have never worked from home before or even if you have. Starting anything new will mean learning new skills and information. So, if you need a helping hand doTERRA has a wonderful training program as well as the use of your enroller. I personally take my team members through baby steps to achieve their objectives of making a living from home.

However, be warned that not all wellness advocates are the same. If you are serious about your business, join a leader and mentor that will be able to share with you their wisdom and knowledge. Unfortunately, it is not always smart to join a friend unless you have a good working relationship and that business is business and not personal. Many friendships have falling by the wayside after friend start a business together so if you cherish your friendships, don't start a business with a friend.

What skills will I need to learn when running small business opportunities from home?

Starting something new such as a business is a process. There is a beginning, a middle and an end which in many cases starts with confusion, reflection and finally realization. Everything is difficult if you don't know it and in many case we don't know what we don't know until we do know.

The skills below may seem involved, but as you slowly develop your knowledge of the business you will realize it is things you have already been using in your daily lives. It is more about putting all the pieces together from the skills you already have, then relating and adding them to your training.

  • Leadership Skills
  • Strategic Business Planning Skills
  • Marketing Skills
  • Sales and Customer Relationships
  • Communication Skills
  • People Management and HR
  • Finance and Accounting Skills

I know that many will have in their minds, can I really do this?

I don't have any of these skills, can I really run my own business with doTERRA?

Becoming a doTERRA rep doesn't mean you need to have these skills from day one, because running a doTERRA business is a journey of personal development in all aspects our lives. So, don't worry, we all have to start somewhere and there is always someone who can help you to develop your skills as you move forward.

doTERRA rep

What type of people want to become a doTERRA rep?

In discussions with prospects, many feel that starting a business is for others. Others meaning people who have already had a business in the past or have a entrepreneurial mindset. This is untrue, anyone can become a business owner and in fact a home based business like doTERRA is a good and affordable training ground to learn all aspect of running a business.

The sort of people that join doTERRA are:

  • Single parents
  • Stay at home parent
  • Online marketers looking for a second or third income stream
  • Someone retired and want to make a little extra money
  • People bored with the jobs and want to make a change
  • Veteran network marketers
  • Disable and home bound individuals
  • People living in remote areas

The list goes on, which shows that this business is for anyone that is will to learn and develop to make a better life for themselves.

How to become a doTERRA independent product consultant?

  1. Click here (Technical advice: Mobile devices can have glitches, for best results use the Chrome browser on your PC or Mac computer)
  2. Note: If you are enrolling from outside the US – Click Here and choose your language and country
  3. Choose your kit (When you purchase a product enrollment kit the enrollment fee is waived)
    • To purchase the 35$ enrollment, click on the “Individual Products” button and then click on the Bag button on the top right hand side of the page.
  4. Review your order and proceed to checkout
  5. Fill in your details
  6. Choose Wellness Advocate
  7. Enroller ID and Sponsor ID is: 930175
  8. All Wellness Advocate packages includes a free webshop, back office and no monthly fee
  9. Fill in your Shipping details
  10. Pay for your order

Within a few minutes you will receive an email giving you access to your back office and the ability to sell doTERRA products and earn commissions.

What next after you have completed the doTERRA independent product consultant registration form

Once you have completed the doTERRA consultant sign up form you own a business. This mean that you are a Wellness Advocate and essential oils sales consultant. This is the period when you need to really focus on what you want from your business. Within a few days you should receive an email and a WhatsApp message from your enroller offering help and support. I would suggest that you arrange an online meeting and get any questions answered.

The main role of your enroller is to help you through the early stages of running a home business. This time can be extremely challenging for a lot of people especially if they have never run a work from home business before.

Remember, the point of working for yourself is to better your life in its entirety. So, don't let the new business be a heavy burden on your life or family. It is there to give you the rewards you have always wanted.

The small business opportunities from home needs family support

It is important to mention that the backing of your family will make or break your business. If your family is not onboard you will find it difficult to commit, so find out if your partner and children will be happy with you finding time to run a business from home.

Even the most successful home based businesses available today needs a plan

It is still surprising for me that most business owners do not have or even commit to a short and long term plan. Having a important goal in your life is an excellent motivator. However, without a plan you plan to fail. The simplest method of achieving success in your business is to:

  1. Take action
  2. Set goals
  3. Make a plan
  4. Work on it everyday
  5. Wait for success

Yes, it is a simple, but this is a proving model that almost every success person uses to get them where they want to be.

In addition, another motivator is having a parent, spouse, sibling or other noteworthy person that is doing well in business. This helps create that motivation for you to go forward faster and higher. This is not out of a sense of competition, but because we are happy to see others getting their own business going and changing their lives forever.

A suggestion I believe works is to avoid negative people who will put you and your business down and only associate with successful and positive people.

The final word on doTERRA

Not many people start their own business and say I want to sell essential oils, because most people are not brave enough.

The point is:

  • Do you have what it takes?
  • Are you motivated to achieve something big in business as well as in life?
  • Do you want to become a doTERRA independent consultant?

I am not going to lie to you, running a home business is like running a business. It will be like white water rafting. A challenge experience but ultimately satisfying once you have achieve the goals you have set yourself. So, yes, doTERRA is more than just a business. It is more than just the exceptional essential oils. It ultimately is the first day of the rest of your life where you have said to yourself, something must change. So, the choice is your, if you love your life as it is, then change nothing, but if your want something more for yourself and your family take actions today.

For more information about becoming a doTERRA independent product consultant, add your name, email address and short message below and I will get back to you asap with a FREE doTERRA product guide.